Vision 2047

When India and Pakistan celebrate 100 years of their independence, what kind of society, country and global neighborhood we will be living in? Can we shape and form that future starting right now? Team Vision 2047 absolutely thinks so. Watch our shows to see what can be done now to arrive at our 100 year celebration of independence in 2047.

Fresh drikaing water is running out

Fresh Water is a fast shrinking resource in this world. Even though 67% of the world is full of water but that water is not drinkable for most life on earth. Growing human population along with industrialization of the world is reducing the supply of fresh drinking water. In developing countries such as India and Pakistan, consumption of water that is not properly filtered and treated results in epidemics of water borne diseases. In case of Pakistani urban centers, especially in Karachi , fresh water even when supplied relatively clean gets contaminated along the way, often mixing with sewage water. Farrukh Shah Khan discusses the issues relating to clean water supply in South Asia with Ali Hasan Cemendtaur who proposes some solutions to this growing intractable problem.

Solutions to solid waste problems in South Asia

Solid waste is a major problem facing all modern countries and communities. South Asia with its huge population is facing particularly large solid waste problem. In this show Ali Hasan Cemendtaur talks about origins of modern garbage problems and how to control and dispose it. Special solutions to Indian and Pakistan are discussed. 3 Key solutions are: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

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